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Monday, August 13, 2012

Finding the Power of Positive in Social Media - You Do Have the Power - Ignite it!

On August 2, 2012, Frank Eliason wrote a blog post as a result of the growing negativity that he was seeing in social media.  In particular, he referenced a recent story of a little girl of 11 years old getting to sing the National Anthem before a Dallas/Los Angeles soccer match.  I guess it did not go well and someone, perhaps a few people decided that this was something that he/she/they would share via social networks.  The comments that were made were absolutely atrocious.  It is hard to imagine that such mean and hateful statements were said about a little girl who had a dream and dared to step forward in front of many, to live her dream.  Perhaps she is not Mariah Carey or Celine Dion yet, but why be so vicious?  How many of us would have the courage to take that step.  Not many I would say.  I wouldn't.  Rather than be ridiculed, she should be celebrated for having the courage and the strength to step out of her comfort zone and do something that she dreamed of doing.

When we look at our world today and we look at our children I am always amazed at how we work creativity, innovation and imagination right out of them.  I don't think that we mean to do it, we just do.  This little girl is a prime example.  If she has seen the comments, the threats against her, do you think that she will try anything out of her comfort zone again?  What if someday she has an idea for something revolutionary, something that could change our world for the better?  She may, as a result of this, just be too afraid to try it for fear of being made fun of, or worse, threatened yet again.  So, who loses then?  We all do!

positive thinking

I love the idea that Frank has suggested that August 14th be #positivelysocial day.  The idea is to find the positive in your world, your community - both online and not - and share it positively.  So, join me tomorrow as I share the positive things that I see in my world.  Not only will you make others feel better, but more and more research says that YOU will feel better.  

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