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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Using Social Media To Rally Support for Those in Need

In the social media, marketing or communications industry we all talk about social media in terms of how it is about people, about relationships really.  Despite talking the talk however, we often don’t walk the walk. It is the reason why many of us have to constantly “poke” our colleagues to remind them what social is really all about.  It is not about push communications.  It is not about one-sided advertising.  It is about individuals and human-beings who have basic needs.

Over the last couple of days I have witnessed wonderful examples of how social media is used with people in mind.  In fact, when done correctly we notice it.  Often times there is an emotional or gut response to the situation. (Thanks for this idea Krista.)

Here are two examples from just the last two days that have resonated with people in my local community:

Finding a cherished pet

If you are a pet owner, or as I like to think of it, a pet parent, your dog or cat is not just a pet.  My dog, Seven, is an important part of our family.  We would be devastated if he went missing.  That is why I always share status updates that I see about missing pets. 

Just this week one of my Facebook friends posted about Maui, a lovely dog that has been missing since New Year’s Eve.  I am not alone in doing this.  I saw this status update reshared numerous times by other friends.  I just hope she is found.

If you have seen Maui, please call 453-0887.  She went missing in the Hanwell area.
It Takes a Community

Just Friday night, and the second time in recent months, a restaurant in Fredericton caught fire.  While this in itself is unusual for our City - thankfully don’t have many fires - it is not unusual to see how our community reacts.  Within hours, efforts were under way to hold a fundraiser for the staff.  And, just how were organizers getting the message out?  Well, Facebook of course.  This is yet another example where Facebook friends rose to the occasion and shared and shared.  People care enough to want to make a difference.  They took the old adage of you tell two friends and they will tell two friends and so on to a new level with Facebook. 

A fan of the Garrison Ale House?  They wouldn't be who they are without the staff.  So checkout: 

Prior to social media and our fantastic digital networks we have developed, we did not have the same reach and capacity to make a mark.  I truly love how people leverage social media to accomplish what was intended.  I will say it again.  It is all about people and it is all about relationships. 

How are you leveraging social media for the betterment of others?  We would love to hear your story!  

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