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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It's 2013 People!  Women CAN be Wives, Good Cooks AND Business Tycoons!

Seriously!  When did being a good cook and a wife mean that you can't be anything more?  Someone forgot to tell me this.  I would suggest that many women that have very successful careers were also not told that these conditions were in place.  I have dug out my manual, which was created when I was born, and I can't find this anywhere.  Maybe there was an update that my parents forgot to insert.

But seriously, this really isn't a laughing matter.  As a married woman, who can cook and likes to cook, I am also someone who takes my career seriously.  I believe that I, along with all women, can be more than what one label suggests.  I didn't think that this was something that we had to discuss and debate in 2013, but I guess it is.  This morning a hot topic on both the local and even national news was the fact that a politician, while at an event last weekend, made a comment after tasting some food prepared by a young lady stating:  'you will make someone a good wife someday'.  Nowhere did I hear him say that she would be chained up and forced to stay at home and that she could not go to school to become whatever she desired.  No, of course not!

Who forget to tell Marissa Mayer that she is a wife, so she can't lead Google?
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In the spirit of openness and transparency I must declare that I not only know this politician, but I also like and respect him.  I also admit that my gut reaction to hearing this story was:  COME ON!  Serioulsy!..Seriously..this is news?  So, I did question my reaction to ensure that it was not biased by the fact that I know him.  After soul searching and self-questioning, I went back to my gut reaction:  this is ridiculous.  And, I will state that I would be the first to cry foul if this was a true case of dismissing women's rights!  I am still miffed to think that women in New Brunswick are not protected by law in terms of getting equal pay. (See my blog post:  Women, Persons Under the Law)

Just exactly when did things get so carried away that someone can't make a statement about being a wife without people thinking or believing that is all a woman can be?  After all, this is 2013 AND we live in what is supposed to be a progressive part of the world.

I know that women can be good cooks, wives, mothers, gardeners, etc. and be very successful in their careers.  Some such women that come to mind include: Marissa Mayer, Hillary Clinton, Madeline Albright, Margaret Thatcher, and closer to home, Dominique Dionne of Xstrata Nickel, and Lisa Lisson of FedEx Express Canada to name a few. Mind you I have not tasted any of these ladies cooking, but you get the picture and that really is NOT the point.

Rather than jump on "this" bandwagon, let's rally around real issues like: pay equity, ending the culture of rap, and the labeling women.  As women, let's not let others label us and limit us.  Let's not join 'that' conversation.

These are my opinions and I would love to hear yours. 

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