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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Appreciating What You Have

For my Facebook friends, seeing appreciation posts from me is nothing new.  Some time ago I decided that I wanted to appreciate and thank those who have touched my life in some way – a good way.  It could have been a small gesture or it could have been a life-long relationship.  Regardless of which it is, the only requirement, for me, is that when preparing the post, the person, place or thing MUST evoke an emotional response from me.  The memory, the description, the process of sharing must be strong and profound for me.    I am hoping that in some small way that my recollection, my sharing of this personal experience will in a small way, touch someone else.  Perhaps it will result in someone else resurrecting an old relationship or reaching out to an old friend. 

Since starting my appreciation posts I have received so much positive feedback that I cannot begin to comprehend how my “little stories” has actually touched others.  Many of my posts have been about people no longer with us.  As a result, I am always so pleased at the comments that others also share about that person.  It has been a truly wonderful experience.

Perhaps the greatest compliment however, is just how many people have asked me if I mind if they copy my idea and start their own appreciation posts.  How wonderful!  Taking the time each week to stop, think and write about the people, places or things that have positively impacted their lives.  I love that I have been able to inspire others to do this.  I hope that they too will inspire others in their lives to do the same.

So, with this love fest in mind I have decided to take my appreciation posts to the next level – I am adding my posts to my blog.  So, stay tuned as I make this transition and please continue to provide your commentary, I really enjoy that.

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